Jan 032012

energy crisisCrisis? What crisis? Is this what folks are saying, or are they looking for ways to help solve the crisis and adopting alternative energy sources? Appliances, gadgets and tools are all run by some kind of energy and people are regularly acquiring more of them. Are there types that can be purchased that can be run on all natural resources? Electricity is still the main form of energy used to power products, although more battery-operated choices are becoming evident. Pollution and also global warming are being elevated by the many devices which still use gasoline to run.

One of the most significant consumers of energy is industry, and as industry inevitably keeps growing, so does the damaging effect on the environment. Harmful chemical type emissions from factories continue to be a fact of life, while population increase spurs rising use of electrically-powered devices. The main concern is whether or not something can be done to aid both the economy as well as the environment. High technology continues to progress, but not everything that is actually new carries a positive effect on nature, especially if it causes energy sources to diminish faster. Man is progressive, and regularly finds completely new applications for old resources, which by itself is admirable, but it is usually without regard for the result it has on the environment.
The time is quickly approaching when a change to alternative energy will not be enough by itself. It has been discovered through environmental agency research that our oil reserves are going to be eliminated in some four decades if we keep consuming oil at the current rate. People have become way too dependent on non-renewable natural energy sources, which spells calamity with regard to when there are none of them left. Consider how different life would be if there was no more gasoline, and what it would do to the transportation industry, and the businesses that depend on them. Whenever trade is affected, and communications are stopped, factories will stop operating, and progress will be slowed, as well as success.
If individuals carry on assuming that our fossil resources will keep enduring, and no dramatic steps are taken to change the situation, the resultant scenario is frightening. In order to end the way things are going, men and women must start conserving the resources which are still available. For people to make use of them, alternative methods of energy must be cost-effective and appealing. Most people respond well when there is a direct emergency, but in less extreme circumstances they won’t easily be budged.

Now, even though there is still time to take action, people need to begin taking conservation seriously. Something as straightforward as walking sometimes instead of driving, or joining a carpool, could save so much gasoline, but men and women won’t do this  while they’re under the impression  that things are  still alright.

Energy Crisis: Will Technology Save Us?

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