Feb 202012

For people who are old enough to recall, living green once was the norm. Before the advent of fast food eating places and prepared foods, normal food for nearly all people was organic. For people who can recall, almost everyone grew some kind of garden or they could go the local farmer’s market. In the past processed food didn’t actually exist, today you need to read all the labels cautiously. Gardening used to be a common practice in people’s lives; this is how parents provided food for their young ones and keep the surplus foods for winter. “Take what you want, but eat what you take”  was a slogan people really lived by, and any extra food was placed in the garden for plant nourishment.

Natural And Organic GardenAll natural fertilizers were used as plant foods for the gardens and people didn’t use or need pesticides. Many people would divvy up the extra food that their gardens made with other people. That was when people knew their neighbors, and sharing with each other was a thing that people did. I am quite sure you have heard of pesticides and chemical fertilizers; well, many, many years ago, ages ago, not too long ago, some time ago people had never even heard of these terms.

Despite the fact that these pesticides and chemicals were thought to help, what they really did was begin harming the Earth.

organic type fertilizersAs many of these toxic substances remove the vital nutrients from our foods and naturally the chemicals themselves can be causing health problems. No one ever gives any thought to the health conditions caused by these toxic substances until they afflict someone in their family. Because many people all over the world are beginning to be affected, a growing number of people are starting to be careful about what they put in their mouth. Vegetables have lots more vitamins and nutrients in them when they are grown the organic way.

Now is a good time for you to consider green living, whether or not you have ever thought about it previously. You should know that it is time to make modifications to your lifestyle, what with all the heath problems in the world. With conventional medication setting off all kinds of side effects, alternative health care is something most people are turning to. With food, it is time to switch to organically grown. Starting with your own organic garden is simply one way you can begin living better, not only for you but also our planet.

Organic GardenOne way to help save the environment from chemicals and pesticides is if a lot people kept their own organic gardens. Organic plant foods that can be used are manure and the garden’s waste. The leaves, grass clippings and kitchen leftovers will keep the soil full of the needed nutrients.

Your family’s health and the health of the wildlife around can be preserved if you don’t use chemical fertilizers and only use organic type fertilizers. Likewise, the food produced will be healthy for intake. Organic gardening is good for the environment by decreasing the contamination of the air and water supply.

natural fertilizersYou have to stay away from the affected area if you opt to use chemical pesticides. If the fumes must not be breathed in, how beneficial can they be for the food? If you grow your food without using chemicals, you don’t need to worry about being in the garden with unsafe chemicals. Remember, if your garden is close by your home, the chemical based fertilizers and pesticides can seep into your well water or even in to the air in your home. You can grow really healthy foods and help to stop pollution by utilizing organic gardening techniques.

Organic Fertilizing : Organic Vs. Chemical Fertilizers

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