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More than likely you have noticed that people continue to talk about living an environmentally friendly life. The subject of green living has grown to be bigger an bigger everyday, with individuals all over the TV, radio stations and newspapers talking about going green and the benefits it will have on our world. Naturally you need to ask yourself, is it in fact that important.

going greenOur planet will benefit tremendously in the event that people choose to start living a greener life.

Emissions from automobiles are destroying the ozone layer and there are vast landfill sites full to the brim with discarded waste that cannot break down. Eventually we will end up with no protection from the suns UV rays and the world will simply heat up as a result of all of the carbon dioxide being released in the atmosphere. This has lots of knock on effects, such as rising sea levels and much more hostile environments for people to live in. Many people simply dispose of products and canisters that could be made use of over and over again, rather they throw these products into our dumps. Various kinds of paper, plastics as well as metals can be recycled and with even more advanced techniques associated with recycling being created, we may see other kinds of materials becoming recycled. If we can start to utilize fewer resources through recycling, we can actually start to make a difference by reducing pollution

paper, plastics, metals can be recycledLiving green can also help our animals which unfortunately are being directly impacted by our pollution. Our rainforest’s are now being reduced by us, which is killing off entire species of animals. As soon as these animals are wiped out we cant bring them back. As stated above we can now recycle, and so we dont really need to cut down as many trees and a few companies are now planting two trees for every tree they use. The issue here though is the fact that trees take hundreds of years to cultivate to their full height which is a very long wait. We can definitely save more trees and our wildlife just by recycling much of our paper products. That little step can help lessen the quantity of trees that need to be used each year.

save more treesIf men and women would in addition begin to make use of more natural and organic solutions, they would not simply have greater health but they would also be helping the world. Organic foods are one style of becoming green for health reasons. Food items that aren’t organic in nature, are loaded with chemical fertilizers, insecticides as well as bug killers which can lead to health problems and also pollute the planet. Each one of these chemical substances can lead to major medical conditions, not just for you but for your whole family. The actual alternative is actually organic food items, which have not a single thing added to them, meaning theyre 100 % natural.

Even though organic and natural food is priced somewhat higher when compared with typical foods, the health benefit far out weighs the price.

natural food I certainly believe that its important to become green, particularly in this point in time when we are beginning to see the effects of global warming due to our pollution. It doesnt matter if you can only carry out smaller things, for example walking rather than driving, it all can help.
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