Dec 202011

house-solar-panelAlternative energy continues to become popular among a lot of people due to the fact that the cost of using it has gone down. A good example is the solar battery, which is now on numerous houses and businesses. The photovoltaic cells that are used for solar arrays have become more low-cost and more efficient to utilize. Because of advancement in technology, these photovoltaic cells can capture solar energy in a smaller area. The photovoltaic cells have become more productive, as they have become smaller and less expensive to produce. The cost per watt to produce solar power has been cut in half over the last two decades.

The great thing about solar energy that environmentalists love is that it doesn’t cause pollution. For other people, the fact that they can save costs on their energy bills with this energy source is the top reason. Since virtually all people are more interested in money savings than the environment, it has taken the lowering of costs to get them to utilize solar energy. But now the collection cells are a practical way for heating one’s house, being easy to put on rooftops, they are no longer hard to use.

solarwaterThe way hot water is produced is the water moves through an encasement of the photovoltaic cells, the water is heated then sent through the pipes. These cells, even on overcast days, are collecting enough radiation from the sun much more efficiently. The  solar arrays, which have been developed by a company called Uni-Solar, work on stormy days. This technology is advanced where more energy can be collected during sunny days to compensate for days when sunlight is limited. There is another system known as PV that a lot of people are using. This system is hooked up to the electrical grid that is closest, and transfers the excess energy to that grid for shared use. As a result, there is less ependence on major electrical plants and lower electric bills for the home.

The main benefits of using a system like PV is decreased costs, decrease in the amount of pollution created, and less dependence on the central grid system. There is a growing trend in a lot of towns and suburbs where they are installing their own centralized solar collection arrays. Evidence of solar energy becoming an established energy source is its use in numerous big companies. The corporate headquarters of Google is planning on installing a 1.6 megawatt solar power plant on its roof, and even Wal Mart has plans of its own 100-megawatt solar power system.
Governments in countries like Japan, Germany, Switzerland and the United States are offering people tax benefits to employ solar power for their houses or businesses. Investors also discover the value in advancing environmentally friendly technology and will continue to pour money into it. As more and more individuals utilize solar power, the price will continue to fall.
Solar Electric Photovoltaic (PV) System

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