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Whether you might be into green living or perhaps not, you would be wise to use green medicine for your health. Green medicine consists of utilizing your body to repair itself. Implementing diet, detoxification, as well as nutrients, rather than drugs to reverse serious illness. Living cleaner, and also greener, by means of staying away from toxic chemicals, as was originally intended. Standard medicine continues to work with their slash and burn technique for treating disease, insisting on using their toxic drugs.

Green MedicineDespite the fact that they’re not the most perfect answer, pharmaceutical drugs have their particular place in medicine. The main problem appears to be that neither side is prepared to acknowledge that the other has a place.

Countless men and women have testified about the effectiveness of green medicine in the treatment of serious diseases. Since people are instructed to make life style adjustments, they are often unwilling to try green medicine. For a lot of people, it’s less complicated to just take a pill than to change their less than desirable habits.

Green-MedicinePersonal, as well as neighborhood and worldwide obligations make up the three simple levels of green living. Family members need to prepare nourishing and balanced daily meals. Community involvement helps to keep the surroundings clean in cities and small communities. When we give thought to going green globally, we take steps to guard the air and vegetation of our planet. On a personal basis, we should apply natural supplementation to stay healthy. Everyone needs a combination of trace elements, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes for combating disease, and remain healthy.

natural supplementationSeeing that people get toxic substances in the food, air, and water, a detoxification program is a prerequisite for good health. Consuming organically grown food is another necessity for good health. Along with having much more nutrients, organic food (plant and animal) has a lot fewer toxins in it. As more and more individuals find out how food affects the body, it is becoming easier to go green. That is why there is more demand for organic food, and thus more places sell organic foods. People today can expect to acquire better health when they regularly eat cleaner food. Regional organic food is best because some of the nutrition is lost in the travel from place to place.

natural food piramidWhy not try to eat organically for a few days and then see if you detect a difference when you switch back to non organic food? Green water can be as important as natural food. Drinking clean water is imperative in order to maintain optimum health. Both chlorine and fluoride compromise the quality of the drinking water. Recent evidence has discovered that our normal water supply has been contaminated with all kinds of drugs.

Even if you have never ingested any drugs in your life, whenever you drink non-purified water you are ingesting minute amounts of drugs. Absolutely no water filter system is perfect, although any of them is better than next to nothing.  For a non-toxic home, make an effort to use only green products whenever you clean. It will be a challenge but, if you value your quality of life, try to keep the house as free of chemicals as you can.  As people become more interested in green living, they’re going to choose to use the less dangerous green medicine when they need to take something for an illness. Which will probably end up being good for all of us.
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