Jan 102012

Sunforce 50048 60 Watt Solar Charging KitOne thing you’re going to find is that there are plenty of men and women who think that solar power is far to expensive as well as to difficult to start using. But the reality is, not only is it rather easy to set up but you’ll also realize that it is not going to empty your wallet. An additional small fact would be that the actual cost of getting started can be as little as a few hundred dollars. Among the choices you’ve got for getting started would be the Sunforce 50048 60 Watt Solar Charging Kit.

I know that you recognize that when you are using solar power, you’ll have the ability to decrease the cash you need to pay to the electric companies. Something I should mention is that in case you are looking to totally get off the grid, you’re going to end up paying a lot of cash for everything you’ll need to accomplish that. You will see that the cost will be directly connected with the volume of electricity you consume. If you are looking to get off the grid, this system won’t provide enough power for that, but it can lower your electric bill.

Sunforce 50048 60 Watt Solar ChargingtWhen it comes down to it you are going to find that you’ll be able to use this system for creating solar energy. You will see that this set up includes 4 solar energy panels with the mounting frames for the solar energy panels, a 7 amp solar charge controller, a 200 watt power inverter and also the wiring kit you will need to hook every thing up. Something else you’ll wind up getting with this unit is actually a blocking diode, and what this does is make sure you do not wind up draining your battery overnight. One thing that’s not going to come with this set up is actually a battery, this is something that you will need to purchase separately.

One more thing that I should mention about this system is you aren’t going to be producing large amounts of electricity as each of the 4 panels only generate 15 watts each. This means that the entire system will have the ability to produce 60 watts of power with the 4 panels that are included with this system. Another thing that I should mention is that even though this is a pretty good system you will recognize that you’ll not be able to use it with products that require a lot of electricity. If you have an outdoor landscaping pump, you will see that this system will have the ability to power that together with your laptop computer, but you will not be able to power things like air conditioners or washing machines.

AmazonFor those of you wondering how much this is going to cost you are going to discover that you can order this from Amazon for $274.49. Something else that I should point out is that Amazon is also going to pay the shipping fees to ship this to your home. This is really a great and inexpensive way for anybody to learn about solar energy and also save cash on their electric bill every month.
Sunforce 50048 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit

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