Feb 142012

HoJo MotorThe HoJo Motor magnetic generator is something you must check out if you haven’t already done so. It’s spoken of as a magnetic energy generator, but what is that actually, and what does it do? The internet has, of late, been abuzz with talk about the HoJo Motor magnetic generator. The HoJo Motor magnetic generator is a device that has been doing away with people’s electric bills by producing totally free energy. Here’s an interesting fact: 3 US Patents have been granted to the HoJo Motor magnetic generator by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The HoJo Motor makes electricity practically out of thin air, which is why it’s termed a free energy device.

An inventor named Howard Johnson originally patented a magnetic generator, and Hojo Motor’s people have taken his ideas to develop a plan whereby you can create your own no-cost energy-producing device.

inventor howardNo-cost electricity is today being enjoyed by numerous people, as the simplicity of the plans made it so easy to built their own devices. Howard Johnson worked to create a free energy device his whole life, and became acknowledged as “the father of spintronics.” Johnson is ranked amongst inventors of the 20th century as being one of the best. When he created the magnetic generator, he did what he wanted in giving people a way to do away with paying for power. Right now the plans have been released, and everyone can make their own HoJo Motor magnetic generator. The plans are really easy to follow, which makes making this magnetic energy generator easy for everybody, even those who have no DIY experience.

Howard_JohnsonBig Energy Corporations wasn’t happy with what Johnson created, since it was a threat to their earnings. They knew that a device that could make no-cost energy would cost them billions, so they started a campaign to shut them down. They succeeded for a shor t period, but one can again obtain the plans off the internet. Something that the large companies want closed down, must have something good to it. There isn’t any risk attached to trying this product since it has a 60 day money-back guarantee if you aren’t fully satisfied, and you can download it immediately. There is a chance that the plans will be unavailable once again, but right now they are still available.

Howard-Johnson-PatentsThere are numerous good reviews of the device, but you may have to try it yourself to determine how it works for you. Let’s review why it’s a great idea to get the HoJo Motor plans. The HoJo Motor is a no-cost energy device, and the only one with 3 US patents.

The HoJo Motor magnetic generator claims to supply free electricity for appliances and other household uses. It appears that approximately 70% will be saved on total home energy costs. People are able to make their own energy. The guide has very detailed information that will let anyone assemble their own magnetic energy generator. Even beginners at DIY will find the guide user-friendly.

hojo_-motorA couple of great free stuff come with the package. Last, with all of this information, you can really take these plans and construct your own magnetic generator. The HoJo Motor you put together will help you reduce your electricity costs.

Howard Johnson Magnet Motor

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