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consumption-sourceIf you live in the US, you probably have a distorted view of what is taking place in other parts of the world, especially on environmental issues. The continued utilization of fossil fuels is a complex issue, but the world is rising to meet the challenge through the use of renewable sources of energy. It takes a great, virtually inexplicable amount of energy to power the world, more so each day.

A lot of our political leaders don’t understand green issues, or pretend not to, and never talk about them. There are some positive signs – case in point, the most recent California governor drove a hybrid Hummer. Aside from driving a hybrid vehicle, Schwarzenegger likewise got a hybrid_hummer$3,000,000,000 solar energy bill passed, showing himself as green as they come. The federal government, however, has been lagging far behind, especially the Bush administration, what with their involvement with the giant oil companies. Not only did they do zero to help the green movement, they refused to even say there’s a problem.


This perhaps gives people the appearance that nothing is being done globally, but that is absolutely not true, the US is just not wanting to take part. In Australia, for example, they’ve declared that by the year 2016 they will be using renewable sources of energy for at least 60% of their energy requirements. Thing of what a huge difference that would make in this country. Germany is a leader also; they presently are leading the way in both solar and wind energy production. By 2020, at least 20% of their total energy usage will come from renewable sources. In Norway, they already use NO fossil oil to fill their energy needs; instead they use 99% renewable energy. They import no petroleum. In fact they export nearly all their oil, making Norway the third largest exporter of fossil oil in the world.


Brazil might have interesting political situations, but it has become South America’s clean energy leader. Majority of the transportation in Brazil has been converted to making use of ethanol, and the aim is for the whole country to run on 100 percent ethanol. Ethanol is a biofuel that can be produced from sugar cane, and it costs approximately half of a gallon made from oil. If America did the same thing, the savings on crude oil would be close to 2 trillion dollars.

This simply gives you an idea of the strides being made throughout the rest of the world so as to clean our beautiful, green planet up.

US green_house_gasesIn America we lead other nations in the production of greenhouse gases, being the world’s biggest consumer of oil. We are the problem. Without our help, the rest of the world will likely keep on doing their part, but their attempts will be largely for naught. As long as the United States refuses to come out and sat that there is a problem, the problem will remain.




Renewables and Politics: Why The US Lags the Rest of the World

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