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Almost everyone is familiar with what a wind turbine is and the way they produce energy, but for those which don’t know I am going to explain. If you envision a plane propeller seated on top of a tall tower, this is exactly what a turbine looks like. Electricity is generated by the generator, housed within the turbine casing, when the rotor is turned by the wind. As with most sorts of power generators, magnets and also copper wires are organized to create a charge whenever the rotor spins. There is almost nothing difficult about this sort of generator.

wind Wind generators, as the name indicates, require wind to operate. The explanation as to why turbines are built so extremely high is to take advantage of the more robust winds found at greater altitudes. The consequence of the stronger wind at that level is that the turbines generate more electricity. Of course it’s obvious that without adequate wind, no power will be produced. Historical weather data is carefully analyzed to pick sites that will deliver sufficient steady winds for the turbines.

One excellent location is in coastal regions because there are usually consistent wind patterns in these locales. In fact, the wind can change its direction which poses another drawback for wind turbines. Nonetheless the design is extremely clever and they are manufactured so that the rotor turns in the direction of the wind, enabling them to capture the wind from any direction.

Wind turbinesEnough electricity to meet the needs of an entire household may be produced from a single turbine. When there is no wind, a battery backup installation is used to meet electrical needs. One issue is the number of years needed for the installation costs to be recovered in power savings. A positive aspect of these turbines, in contrast to solar panels, is they do not need sunlight. In areas that experience many hours of darkness during some seasons, turbines may be a better green solution as compared to solar panels. Another great thing about wind generators is that they’re eco-friendly as they produce zero pollution. The conventional sources of hydro, which includes nuclear reactors, create incredible pollution that could be reduced by turbines. Harnessing the strength of the wind is using a truly green resource. Thus there is always going to be energy created by the turbines.

Wind turbinesAs with nearly anything there are some down sides of utilizing wind generators for energy. Many men and women don’t want to be looking at a tall tower with a propeller at the top outside their window. When grouped in groups, such as the massive commercial installations in coastal districts and even out at sea, where there are high winds, they are not really an attractive site.

Like any mechanical system that moves, they may be quite loud. Another major concern that people have noted is that birds and bats (bats especially) have a tendency to fly into them. The spinning rotors disrupt the bats’ ability to avoid objects with their sonar readings. While these reports are rarely documented they do occur.

wind generators eco-friendlyThinking about the pros and cons of wind turbines, they have a lot going in their favor. They can play a major role in our upcoming energy plans if they are utilized carefully.
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