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Simply because we have now entered the green living age, individuals are searching for more and more ways to conserve energy which includes building an Electric Automobile. While there are few businesses out there today which are making automobiles that run totally on electricity, many men and women cannot afford this option and would like to build their own. And simply because these vehicles are so expensive you will find that building an electric car is something more folks are looking into rather than purchasing one.

If you happen to be one of the people looking to convert your automobile to run electricity, you’ll appreciate the point that we’re checking out the Build Your Own Electric Car program.

Build Your Own Electric Car programOne of the main reasons a lot more folks are looking to create their own electric car is so that they’re able to save money on gas. I know I don’t need to tell you this but the price tag on gas has resulted in many folks having to shell out more than $60.00 every week on gasoline for their vehicles. At $60.00 a week this works out to $3120 each year that people are paying for gasoline for their cars. This is additionally cash that you never get back again since this money goes straight to big oil companies.

Electric Car save money on gasOne thing that stops individuals from attempting to convert their car to electricity would be the fact that they think this is going to cost them a small fortune. The truth of this program is, that there have been folks who have bought and used this program to convert their automobiles, and they did it for as little as $500. So if you invested $500 to convert your automobile you would wind up saving more than $2500 your very first year. And to do some very simple math in a matter of just 10 years this means an overall total savings of over $30,000.

Electric Car save money on gasSomething I ought to point out is that this car isn’t meant for extended trips. What we mean to say is you will only be able to go about 100 miles before you will have to recharge the batteries in this vehicle. One thing you should ask yourself is if you ever actually sit in your car for longer than a 100 mile trip, more than likely the answer is no because most folks simply use their vehicles to commute to the store and work. And to charge up the car for the next day all you have to do is plug it in to an outlet overnight.

Electric Car plug it in to an outletThe price of this program is also something that is not going to wind up emptying your wallet as you can pick it up for just $49.97. This is actually a small price to pay to convert your automobile to run on electricity, but they have also included a 60 day cash back guarantee for this program. Meaning that for any reason within the first 60 days of your purchase, you can simply request refund and they are going to be more than happy to provide it for you.

Because this program is so affordable, and also as a result of the guarantee that comes with this program, this is something I would suggest to anybody looking to convert their vehicles.
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