Dec 192011

fossil fuelsThe energy we use is composed virtually entirely of non-renewable fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil. When we consume all of these fuel sources, that will be it. There will be no more. They’ve been so much a part of our lives, for a long time, that it’s hard to understand they exist only in exhaustible quantities, and that we’re reaching the end. As they don’t take up a lot of room for their consumption, and they have been quite affordable up until now, that is why these energy sources have been primarily used. Our ability to quickly transport them from one location to another is another element.
To change over to natural, inexhaustible resources we have to make certain accomodations. Their greatest selling point is that they will last forever. That way, regardless of how much we use, there will be plenty of benefits, and the earth won’t be destroyed. These new, natural energy sources provide our young ones, and their kids the opportunity for a brighter, cleaner and healthier future. What we need is products that can utilize the energy derived from these renewable energy sources. When the auto was created, gasoline was selected as the source of power, so why couldn’t something be used too.

For automobile makers to accept a changeover will require a lot of convincing through research and tech advances. Change is not easy to come by, so we must reach for technological solutions if we want better fuel sources. Natural renewable energy sources are by and large considered to be a lot better for the environment in the long haul. We’ve been damaging our planet for many years now, what with our dependence on petroleum, coal and other fossil fuels. A change to natural, renewable sources of energy would not only reduce our reliance on non-renewable sources of energy, but also result in cleaner, healthier air for us to breathe.
Naturally, there are the naysayers, who claim every new approach to this problem is not practical or too pricy. The energy can’t always be accumulated from the sun, because the sun doesn’t always shine. There are many regions where the sun is blocked by the clouds for numerous days. When this happens, the energy coming from the sun is severely limited.

They make the same arguments against making use of wind and water power. Although the wind will vary, and not be able to be forecast, there is nonetheless no reason that it can’t be utilized, in a significant way, to supply power.inexhaustible_energy_sources

Okay, so a day without wind occurs – why not try to use a bit of the fossil fuel we will have saved as a backup? With this strategy, there won’t be a time when there isn’t adequate energy. This makes a great deal more sense than waiting until fossil fuels run out.

Alternative Energy Resources

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