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The years of talking about an energy crisis has now evolved into something which has reached critical proportions on a global level. Determining at whose feet to lay the blame at this late stage is useless, and we need to just accept that we all played a part and start to take positive action. Each person can help fix the problem by using an alternative source of energy.

We appear to have been blinded by the marvels of technology and lost sight of the fact that everything we do depends on nature’s ability to keep supplying. The reason we today are having an energy crisis is because the forces of nature have been overlooked, and brushed aside. Time cannot be turned back, so the best that can be done is to help work out the problem or reduce it through our own means. There are sustainable sources of energy all around us that are available to use, and it is time to select one to use. The sun is there the majority of the time and it can generate a lot of power.

We have different methods of turning energy contained in rays of sunlight into electric power, such as thermal panels. Underneath the earth is another vast energy source, the heat from the core of the earth. Steam released by drilling down may be harnessed to drive generators for the production of electrical energy. Wind turbines have blades like airplane propellers, and these can be turned by the force of the wind, which we are all familiar with. It then works similar to a generator, using the gyrating motion to make electrical energy. In 2005, wind turbines already had a total electrical capacity of nearly 59,000 megawatts.wind-turb

Another way to get energy is to use water to make hydroelectric energy. The movement of water may be exploited for its kinetic energy, as in tidal flow, or as in when it falls from a dam. It is getting to where people should try employing one of the previously mentioned sources of energy.

They are inexhaustible in that the sources are permanent, although the manner by which their energy is harvested could change. Scientists from around the world are working to improve the ways of drawing energy from these sources, or to discover new and more efficient ways. Non-renewable sources of energy are slowly diminishing, so people must be seeking ways to quit being so dependent on them. The day they have all been exhausted is possibly only some years away.inexhaustible sources

Begin today by making use of the alternatives already supplied by nature, rather than sit around waiting. All you must do is seek the proper way to make use of them. Demonstrate that you are concerned about the environment and are a good citizen by doing this. You can do other things also, like not using things with chemicals that can cause harm, or planting trees and other vegetation.

There Is No Energy Crisis, There is a Crisis of Ignorance

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