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There was a test conducted by the US Government that you probably haven’t heard about. The test itself proved that one engine head, the Robinson Engine Head, was able to not just reduce emissions by 30% but would in addition be able to give you 48% more miles for every gallon of gas. This particular head presented the cars with a few different advantages. Besides the 48% more mileage, and lowering of emissions, it takes the 2 liter engine, and raises the horsepower to that of an engine with 3 liters. In the past 60 years you will find that there were engine improvements, but none of those engine improvements could actually create more than a 1% increase in gas mileage.

Robinson Engine The actual Robinson Engine Head takes a entirely different approach within their modification of the standard engine head. Normally to get more horsepower, you will need to have a larger engine, and that of course results in more fuel being burned. The studies showed that out of 100 units of gasoline, only 23 units of fuel were used to power the wheels of the automobile.

This specific engine head provides a reduction of 11 units of horsepower. This reduction raises the horsepower at the wheels from 23 units to 34 units. And since you can get more horsepower with less fuel you’ll realize that you get better gas mileage and you will additionally be reducing your emissions

Robinson EnginePlatinum 22, the actual company founded by Robinson, has not yet started the production of the Robinson Engine Head, but their after-market, Platinum 22 Gas Saver, which is guaranteed to improve gas mileage by 22%, is available. According to studies done by the government this product will actually wind up getting you more than a 22% increase in gas mileage . What happens along with the Gas Saver, would be that it adds platinum vapors to the air and fuel entering the engine, with a simple connection to a vacuum line.This is a very simple means of adding platinum vapors to the air that is being utilized by the engine in inclusion to the gas. What the platinum does is allow fuels which are non-burning, to have the ability to burn, and that is what Gas Saver does. The fuel in the engine goes from burning 68% of every gallon, up to 90% because of the platinum in Gas Saver.

Gas Saver This is exactly what enables you to get 22% more gas mileage and in addition what allows you to cut the pollution that your vehicle creates. This actually means that you will have the ability to drive further employing the same amount of gas.

You’ll in addition realize that this product doesn’t just raise the octane level inside your fuel but it will in addition wind up cleaning out the carbon from your engine.

reducing your emissionsAfter the government performed its study and released the results, more than five hundred thousand “Platinum 22 Gas Savers” have been purchased. This product is now so popular because it not only cleans your engine but since your engine is clean it will end up lasting longer.
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