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Green living has seen a shift in how many individuals today make choices that are more eco friendly. Instead of driving gas cars, people are starting to drive hybrid cars; instead of using electricity produced by fossil fuels, individuals are choosing to use solar power and wind energy; and in the home, people are using environmentally friendly gadgets. Taking a look at all of this, it’s not surprising that people are now embracing environmentally friendly clothing too. Global warming concerns will cause an increase in earth friendly items as people’s consciousness of the issues grow.

environmentally friendly clothingSo how will you be able to tell if the clothes that you have on are in reality kind to the environment. Below we have three leading clothing material categories with information about each of them. They will be able to help you consider if the dresses you wear are eco friendly.

Good for the environment, hemp is a material found in clothes, although there is in all likelihood less awareness of it. Common clothing such as pants and coats may be made from hemp which as a crop originates from the ground. To see whether your clothes are made from hemp, just read the label, or if you’re looking to get clothing made from hemp, inquire with the retailer if the material is organic and fair trade. Hemp isn’t expensive to make the least bit, which is the reason usually it’s hijacked and used for non earth friendly intentions. You just need to check in advance that it is OK.

clothes are made from hempCotton:
A widely preferred fabric, due to a texture that is not too heavy, is cotton and you will see it in lots of clothes. Normal cotton fiber, though, is not usually produced in an eco friendly fashion because of it being an agricultural product. The process of farming cotton involves fertilizers, which is not eco friendly. A further environmental problem is the use of insidious insecticide. If you are looking for goods that have been traded fairly then cotton will usually not fall into that category. If you enquire if the cotton has been organically farmed then you may be able to find goods that are eco friendly. If you ask, you should be able to guess if a retail shop does sell goods and particularly cotton that is eco friendly.

Clothing from CottonWool:
If we think of good quality garments that feel nice to wear, it is possible that wool is the fabric being used. The material will be found in many apparel such as cardigans and coats. Wool in many cases will be good for the environment due to the fact that it is derived from animals but there are things to watch out for. If the sheep producing the wool were fed food grown organically then the wool is said to be organic. The treatment of the sheep is likewise something you would want to have knowledge of. While the wool may cost more, sheep can be permitted to graze in a natural way leading to them being treated better. Most of the wool originates from sheep that aren’t nurtured in this manner so you’ll have to be vigilant.

Clothing from WoolYou can expect to see a rise in earth friendly goods because there is more public awareness of the advantages of green living.

How Hemp Is Used for Food, Clothing, Building Materials and In Cars Like Lotus

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